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It is the wonderful home of Lotus with over 1,000 original poems and other writing and artistic endeavors/experiments. Please enjoy your stay.

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♥ About Lotus ♥

ambiguitylotus goes by Lotus and/or A~Lo(tus) on the Internet. Offline, she is known as Kathy, who loves the arts and sciences. She likes to look for patterns and symbolism in things and is easily amused with the world around her. People think that she is way too nice for her own good, but she believes in the goodness of others and wants to spread kindness and compassion through example. She is going to be a future nurse.

If people say that poets are dreamers, then A~Lotus describes herself as ambitious but is really practical. She has written poems for as long as she can remember. Her first poem that she could recall was an acrostic poem about rain back in second/third grade(?). Her poems tend to be autobiographical, spiritual/religious, or cultural, and are about love and nature, but she is not limited to those topics.

Her concentration in art involves origami, collages, nonsensical doodles, and other crafts, but will definitely avoid needlework by all means. She is still considering crocheting, knitting, and looming though and is fascinated by just watching people do them. She hopes that photography and scrap-booking will be her new media to go along with her poems and her interest in art. No matter what she does, Lotus' mind is always brewing with creative and innovative ideas. She hopes that you, dear reader, will enjoy this collection of poetry as you laugh and smile with how mature she has grown in her writing. So, grab a cup of coffee, tea, or fortune cookie and sit back and enjoy the show!

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