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From Sunday Scribblings

From Sunday Scribblings' Weekly Challenge:

#125: How I met my [blank]

How did you meet your significant other, your best friend, your dog, your nemesis? On the flip side of that, are there any people in your life you have lost touch with who you wonder about?

Letter to C--

That summer,
we built a new bridge
and held hands
like we were sisters
of the same color,
same language, same class,
same heartbeat.

It was like kindergarten
where each day brought us
M&M's and poetry under the shade
of maple trees with sidewalk drawings
and endless guesswork of the mysteries
of boys and love crushes.

Your secret:
You liked Rajah,
but he was at least 10 years older than we were.
Still, his accent reminded you of Indian spices
and his chocolate eyes lit up every candle
of your heart.

Didn't want to disappoint you,
I read the love letter you wrote for him,
and I hesitated,
weighing my words against your heart
and your pleading blue eyes
only to find that you wanted
me to say that everything will be perfect.

I gave you a hug
and with my pen,
drew a heart on the palm
of your hand and smiled.
For you,
it was a love charm used for Rajah,
but for me,
it was a symbol of
the other half of a locket.

Now, I still do wonder
about the bridge we built
together those two summers
when we were in junior high.
Perhaps it broke
with time and distance,
aged with memory,
or felt surreal as an illusion
under the full moon over a quiet lake.

Did you know that I am still
searching for you?
Did you know that I lost my childhood
after the second summer?
And did you ever realize
that a best friend like you
is hard to replace?

I know you are out there
amongst a field of sunflowers
weaving music with the wind.
Please write back
with the leaves under the shade
of maple trees
and draw a heart in the sand
like I did on your palm long ago.





I also had a friend like that and time just seemed to take us away from each other even though we are still only miles away. It's only in our hearts that we can stay in that place and time. This was beautiful, thank you for taking me there.

Letter to C

Touching story. And I love the way you bring it back to the heart in the palm at the end.
You have some amazingly beautiful imgaes in this poem! A pleasure to read!
A lovely poem, poignant and true. I like how the pretty images carry the impressions from long ago to a sense of loss. Bluebethley
A beautiful remembrance.
M&Ms and poetry under the shade and chocolate eyes lighting a heart’s every candle… Enchanting, all of it :-)


That is very beautiful and poignant. Wonderfully done.
ive been meaning to comment/compliment you on this one. i love it so much. i love that you have turned a story into such a lovely poem.... :)
Thank you, dear Leah! :)

And thank you everyone for your kind words. I tell better stories through poetry than prose! :D
It's easier for me to tell stories through poetry.